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The biggest complaint after all the dust has settled from an election cycle is usually the lack of voter turnout. Voter turnout is fundamental to our democratic process. Individuals must go to the polls and cast their votes in order for their voices to be heard.

At press time, the October 2019 gubernatorial primary election has just ended.

63,196 individuals qualified to vote in that election in Terrebonne Parish, and 58,511 qualified to vote in Lafourche.

Terrebonne parish had a 44 percent voter turnout. However, this number is higher then 2015, which saw 38 percent voter turnout in Terrebonne and 41 percent in Lafourche. In Terrebonne, the 2015 election did not have a candidate for sheriff, so for more a more accurate comparison, we look back to 2011, in which turnout was 39.9 percent.

In Terrebonne parish, the highest turnout was in Council District 6, with 54 percent of voters re-reelecting Darrin Guidry. This was the only race to have a turnout of higher than 50 percent. Across Terrebonne parish, the highest turnout was for sheriff, with 44.6 percent turnout. Parish president race followed closely, with turnout of 43.7 percent. In Lafourche, the sheriff’s race turnout was 47.6 percent.

Statewide races in both Terrebonne and Lafouche parish fared similarly. In Lafourche, 48 percent of voters participated in voting for governor, while 45.3 percent cast a ballot in Terrebonne.

Voters head to the poll again on November 16 for the general election. Several elections are headed to runoffs. Statewide, voters can pick their candidate for governor. In Terrebonne parish, voters will cast ballots for sheriff and Council districts 2 and 9. In Lafourche, voters will select a parish president, district judge, and Council District 1. There is also a proposal to reinstate a tax for Recreation District 8.

Rhonda Rogers, Registrar of Voters for Terrebonne Parish, would like to stress the importance of double-checking your voter registration before the deadlines of the election in which you wish to vote. The most common issue on election day is voters arriving at the wrong precinct due to not updating their voter registration.

 “I know most people do not think of updating their voter registration when they move, or get married (name changes), but it’s one of those things that should be part of that list of things to update,” shared Rogers. “One thing I asked the voters who thought they updated their registration was did you get a new voter ID card once you made the changes? That is your proof. If you did not receive a new voter ID card in the mail from my office, then there was no change to your registration. You, the voter, must check the status of your registration and make sure the changes were made, before the deadlines.”

The following is important information for the Nov. 16, 2019 Gubernatorial General Election:

•The deadline to register to vote in
  person or by mail is Oct. 16.

•The deadline to register to
  vote through the GeauxVote Online
  Registration System is Oct. 26.

•Early voting is Nov. 2-9 (except
Sunday, Nov. 3) from 8:30 a.m.-
  6 p.m.

•The deadline to request an
  absentee by mail ballot is Nov. 12 by
4:30 p.m. You can request an
  absentee by mail ballot online or in
writing through your Registrar of
Voters Office (other than military
   and overseas voters).

•The deadline for a registrar of
voters to receive a voted mail ballot
is Nov. 15 by 4:30 p.m. (other than
  military and overseas voters).


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