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Fletcher’s Alumni Association recently hosted the Inaugural Graduation Brunch and Awards Ceremony in the Fletcher Atrium. Chancellor Dr. Kristine Strickland provided opening remarks, and was followed by guest speaker Juan Clara, 2016 Fletcher graduate – Drafting and Design program. Mr. Clara currently serves as Vice President of the Alumni Association.

Faculty and staff nominated 38 students for awards in various categories:

“The Alumni Brunch and Awards ceremony was a wonderful event,” commented Fletcher Chancellor Dr. Kristine Strickland. “There are few days in the year that are as special as those where we get to celebrate our students’ successes with them and their families.  Many of our graduating students will enter the workforce or transfer onto a University setting and no matter their path, we are honored to have shared a small part of their journey and hopefully have provided them with the tools to be successful in the future. We celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of the graduating class of 2019 and celebrate the contributions they have made to both Fletcher and our community.”

The event concluded with closing remarks and a toast from the Alumni Association President, Jeanne Morgan-Gernon, welcoming attendees to the Alumni Association.

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