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The Schwab Law Firm | Camille Saltz Babin, Patti Reeves Floyd, Danna Schwab

The dedicated attorneys of The Schwab Law Firm place your needs first when handling your case. With over 80 years of combined experience, the woman attorneys pride themselves on quick communication and positive results.
Part of what makes The Schwab Law Firm stand out is their ability to give lots of feedback to their clients, and doing so quickly.
“I can get back to a client within 24 hours,” shares Danna Schwab. “We have the staff in place here to be able to communicate with our clients very quickly. Everything nowadays is done by email for two reasons: one, I can answer them back even if I’m popping in and out of court; and two: everything is in writing.”
The Schwab Law Firm primarily handles family law, but will also represent clients for cases involving personal injury, civil litigation and some criminal litigation. All of the attorneys at The Schwab Law Firm handle family law and other civil litigation, while Patti Reeves Floyd also handles criminal defense litigation. Patti worked for the District Attorney’s office as a prosecutor for many years. Camille Saltz Babin has been litigating family law cases for her entire career.
Family law is a perfect fit for Schwab, whose background is in psychology and social work. While she got her start in a New Orleans firm handling insurance defense, once she returned to Houma to practice law with her father, she quickly realized she’d rather be in the courtroom.
“I had never done a family law case ever in the first 10 years I practiced,” shared Schwab. “I looked around [Houma] and said, what other field do I want to learn? Because basically that’s what it is. You don’t learn that in law school; you learn that on the job. And so I decided since my background is psychology, it fit. So I taught myself family law and then slowly but surely gave up the insurance defense that I didn’t want to do. And then when my dad retired, I just decided I don’t want to do that anymore.”
Being part of an all women firm has its advantages too. “All of us here are mothers,” explained Schwab. “We can use our own experiences as mothers and as a family to help us in family law cases.”
For more information on The Schwab Law Firm, visit www.theschwablawfirm.com. •

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