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St. Martin & Bourque | Christopher St. Martin and Charles “Chuck” Bourque

“We have a history that spans more than forty years and our firm is uniquely experienced in defending the rights of clients against some of the most powerful corporate interests,” said Charles “Chuck” Bourque, partner and lawyer at Houma’s St. Martin & Bourque Attorneys at Law.
Founded by Michael X. St. Martin, the law firm that also consists of attorney and partner Christopher St. Martin and attorney Joseph G. Jevic III, specializes in personal injury litigation. The team’s expertise expands throughout various areas of litigation that include maritime/offshore, truck, aviation, nursing home negligence and automobile accidents.
“When industrial accidents happen or accidents happen offshore, the first people that the companies call, generally, are their lawyers, and they make those calls because they want to know what their legal rights are,” Bourque explained. “Not everyone injured in an industrial or an offshore accident needs to file suit. But we think they should at least contact a lawyer to know what their rights are.”
Many locals involved in such personal injuries have been going to St. Martin & Bourque because of their experience — handling cases in both state and federal court — proficiency and commitment to their clients.
“Whether it’s an injury on a platform in the Gulf of Mexico, a helicopter crash while transporting workers to and from those platforms, or an 18-wheeler accident,we have the experience in bringing claims arising out of such incidents,” Bourque said. “…When something goes wrong and the results are catastrophic — for years — families of individuals injured or killed in such accidents have depended on us to protect them.”
Even after the litigation is resolved, Bourque noted, the lawyers at St. Martin & Bourque still keep in contact with their clients in case there are any remaining issues with their injuries. “We take pride in that,” he expressed.
Not only does St. Martin & Bourque take pride in being there for their clients — before, during and after litigation — they are also proud of helping out communities here in the Bayou Region. The firm has donated bullet proof vests to sheriff’s officers working at the courthouse, given out Christmas gifts every year to children in need in the parish, worked with the Louis Children’s Crisis Center and much more.
“We always want to give back to the community that has given us so much,” Bourque shared.
For more on St. Martin & Bourque Attorneys at Law, visit their website at www.stmblaw.com. •

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