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The legal profession is an in depth and intriguing career. Bound by rules that are subject to interpretation by servants of the bench, attorneys do their part to protect our citizens and help to maintain a fair and balanced society. In this month’s Legal Leaders edition, we take a closer look at some of the individuals who have sworn to uphold the laws and what keeps them sticking around for more.
We start by taking a look at the lawmakers themselves with an overview of the 2019 Regular Session. Our local lawmakers have filed a number of interesting bills in this fiscal session.
It was the “non-call” heard ‘round the world that ended the New Orleans Saints run for the Super Bowl and attorney Tommy Badeaux refused to just sit idly by. The Galliano native explains his side of the case, why he filed, why it was dismissed and why it truly wasn’t just a publicity stunt.
Another bayou native, the Bourg-born Amanda Chauvin Calogero has recently been sworn in as a juvenile court judge in the 24th Judicial District. Judge Calogero shares with us her firm belief that serving in this role can help rehabilitate youth that have entered the system.
Bayou Business Monthly also features our Legal Leaders special section where we profile five legal firms in the Houma-Thibodaux area. We explore what makes these firms stand out and what sets them apart.
Finally, we review the emerging candidates for the highest position in enforcing the law, the office of Terrebonne Parish Sheriff. While the election isn’t until the fall, the candidates have already begun their campaigning.
As a business owner, the relationships you have with attorneys can be a key element of helping your business succeed or a periodic thorn in your side. Hopefully this issue of Bayou Business Monthly gives you little bit of insight into how it all works.

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