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An agreement between Terrebonne Parish School District and Fletcher Technical Community College (Fletcher) enables students currently enrolled in the Terrebonne Parish School District to graduate high school not only with their high school diploma, but also with a Machine Tools Technology Technical Diploma from Fletcher.
Students who enroll in the Machine Tool program as sophomores can complete a High School Diploma and a Machine Tools Technology Technical Diploma at the same time. Juniors and seniors who take part in the program may complete the Technical Diploma with just one or two additional semesters after high school graduation. They may also earn industry-based credentials while enrolled in high school. Students interested in transferring to a university to study Engineering, Drafting, and Technology can also benefit from this program.
“Fletcher Technical Community College is pleased to enter this new partnership with Terrebonne Parish School System, commented Chancellor Dr. Kristine Strickland. “The opportunities that this program provides to high schools students cannot be underestimated. Through this program students will achieve not only a high school diploma, but also a Technical Diploma from Fletcher. This program will ensure that students will come out of high school work-ready in a high demand, high wage field. We thank Superintendent Martin for his vision and willingness to partner with us to make this program happen.” •

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