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Danos announced last month that it has a tentative agreement to acquire Shamrock Energy Solutions.
The deal is expected to be in place in March and it will grow the Danos team to 3,200 employees as all 1,000 of Shamrock’s workers are going to be retained.
The closing is subject to remaining contingencies, according to Danos.
Shamrock is a privately-owned oilfield service company that’s been in existence for 22 years. They are based out of Houma.
“There are a lot of synergies between the companies,” Danos Owner and Executive Eric Danos said. “Both are privately owned, Louisiana-based and have a similar customer-centric, values-based approach to business.”
The acquisition will expand Danos’ portfolio service offerings – production workforce, construction, fabrication, coatings, scaffolding, automation, project management, materials management, shorebase and logistics, and specialized consultants – adding mechanical maintenance, valve and wellhead, regulatory compliance and measurement, and power generation.
Eric Danos said this deal will allow his company to be more inclusive for its customers.
“This strategic investment allows Danos to better meet our customers’ needs through expansion of craftsmen, geographies served and service lines offered.”
Shamrock Owner and President Jeff Trahan said he’s excited to see what the Danos team can do with the business.
“Danos exemplifies many of the same family-oriented values we’ve established at Shamrock,” said Trahan. “I’m excited to see how the integration of Shamrock’s business into Danos builds upon the foundation of excellence we’ve established when I purchased the business in 2008.” •

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