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Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing towards what will be.”
By definition, progress is the forward movement towards a goal. Our area set some pretty lofty goals in 2018, most of which were heavily focused on climbing out of a recession. Businesses began to realize it was up to them to make a difference. The “status quo” wasn’t going to continue to work; a change had to be made. Progress.
In February’s edition we explore progress in our communities. Our cover design reflects a few of the major areas of progress we celebrate in this issue: a young baseball player throws a pitch in a recreation game; the Houma Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce swears in their new board; Sheriff Craig Webre and other officials cut the ribbon on the new Lafourche Parish Jail; Teenager of the Year Cassidy Nguyen is honored by Nicholls President Jay Clune.
Within these pages, we talk to the parish presidents of Terrebonne and Lafourche about their accomplishments over the last year. Public works projects such as drainage and pump stations, along with levees and floodgates top both presidents’ lists.
In both parishes, law enforcement has made strides towards greater goals. The biggest progression came from Lafourche parish, where a new parish jail is finally open. In Terrebonne parish, a deal was reached with the parish council to help the Sheriff fund the jail and housing of inmates.
Education is one area where we constantly make progressive strides. Lafourche Parish School District boasts of an “A” rating with a score that was third among school districts in the state. Terrebonne Parish School District celebrated five “A” schools. Lafourche also welcomed a new superintendent, Louis Voiron.
Progression often calls for change. One area that saw change in 2018 was recreation in Terrebonne parish. TPR welcomed a new director, Roddy Lerille. Still more change is on the horizon with the formation of Rec Reform for Terrebonne, a local group of concerned taxpayers, who wish to see partial consolidation and leveled millages.
Our area is in a unique position. Businesses and our governments have had to tighten belts and think smarter about how they operate. This forced change in our way of thinking can lead to progress or ruin depending on whether they adapt or resist. Let’s join together and make 2019 the most progressive year in a our generation.

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