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I was honored to take office in January 2016 and since taking office Terrebonne Parish has endured tough economic times due to declining oil prices. We have seen deepwater and shelf drilling decline drastically, and land and bay drilling has been at a basic halt due to legacy and coastal lawsuits against oil companies as well as declining oil prices. In 2016 sales tax collections dropped 11% compared to 2015, and in 2017 there was a 2% drop in collections compared to 2016. Yet, thanks to the resiliency of the Terrebonne Parish residents, businesses, and government, we have seen businesses diversify. Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government (TPCG), under my administration, and together with the council, has streamlined the budget by cutting all departments by 23% (with no services cut and no layoffs). Equipment longevity is surveyed as not to buy new equipment, dump trucks, excavators, vacuum trucks, pickup trucks, etc., unless it is deemed absolutely necessary. Also overtime pay was curtailed. As of January 1, 2019, residential renovation permit fees have been waived due to moving permit enforcement into my administration from South Central Planning. This move has resulted in a substantial savings to the citizens.  The permit and necessary inspections are still required, but at no cost to the applicant.  It is the intention of my administration to double the parish’s pumping capacity where applicable.  TPCG is still funding $83 million of construction and drainage projects as follows:

$1.0 million of subdivision concrete panel replacements, curbs, asphalt replacement, sidewalks

$3.7 million  (Fully Funded) Bridge Concrete
Replacement or Repair

• Industrial Road Bridge replacement square culverts
(Chabert Hospital area)

• Polk Street (Highway 311) Concrete Bridge Replacement

• Bridge Repair – Savanne Road (by Rouses), Country Estates (Bayou Blue, Coteau) Bayou Black, Funderburk Avenue Bridge, Highway 24

• Carroll Street Bridge – Gibson Replacement $900,000
(Fully Funded)

Completing Construction of a total of  eleven soccer fields, concession stand and bathroom (starting construction), parking phase 1 construction completed

Hanson Canal 1000 CFS Pump Station in Gibson

• Pumping Chacahoula Basin  – 109,000 acres

• Total Project Cost $14,690.615

Construction started with completion scheduled for
end of 2019

Lashrook Pump Station in Chauvin

• 450 CFS Pump Station Replacement

• Construction to begin early 2019 

• $3.9 million (Fully Funded)

Highway 311 – 250 CFS Pump Station – North of Equity Bridge with 20 ft. radial gate (water control station 1-1A system)

• Construction to begin Feb. 2019

• $3.9 million (Fully Funded)

Chauvin at Boudreaux Canal Lock System (Petite Calliou)

• $9.7 million  (Fully Funded)

• Currently under construction

Conveyance Channel and Pump Station in Chauvin

• Petite Calliou to Lake Boudreaux

• 450 CFS Pump Station – $9 million (Fully Funded)

• Construction to begin in Early 2019

Bayou Terrebonne at Montegut Lock System

• Construction to begin Early 2019

• $10.8 million (Fully Funded)

Bayou Neuf Pump Station

• 450 CFS Chauvin

• Completed $5.9 million (Fully Funded)

Falgout Canal Floodgate Dularge

• Funded $16.8 million of Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government Funds (CDBG)

• $13.8 million of State funds

• $5 million of Terrebonne Levee District Funds

• Total: $35.6 million – (Fully Funded) – Completion set for March 2019

Valhi Drainage and Flood Protection Levees

with Pump Stations

• $1.8 million (Fully Funded) – Under Construction

Restoration Projects

Whiskey Island Restoration – Completed

• 10.6 million cubic yards – Marsh Creation

• $118 million   (Restore Act Funding/ BP Oil Spill Fine monies)

Lost Lake Restoration – Completed

• 1100 acres impact – 5 water control structures

• $35 million – Federal monies

HNC Lock System at the existing HNC
Bubba Dove Floodgate

• Fresh Water Diversion, Salt Water Intrusion System

• $387 Million (Restore Act Funding /BP Oil Spill Fine Monies)

• Construction to commence late 2019

Restoration of Trinity Island, Timbalier Island (Terrebonne Parish) and West Belle Pass (Lafourche Parish)

• $161 million (Restore Act Funding/BP Oil Spill Fine monies)

Suzie Canal Levee and Pump Station (Dulac) Completed

• $6.6 million

Other Projects

Hollywood Road Extension to Southdown Mandalay

• Opened with temporary traffic lights – Completed – $5 Million

• Permanent Steel Poles to be installed in April 2019

HNC Dredging  – $13.4 million 

• Corps of Engineers funding – The Houma Navigation Canal is an economic engine for marine vessels and drainage of Terrebonne Parish to the Gulf of Mexico and must be dredged. (Great job by our Federal Delegation)

Terrebonne is in strong fiscal shape and the economy is starting to pick up. The Parish is projecting a 3.8% increase in Sales tax for 2018. FEMA is on schedule to approve TPCG flood maps in 2019 which will include Morganza levees as well as floodgates and redundant levees in their formula for reduced flood insurance rates. My administration, together with the parish council, has added monies for pump stations, cleaned and excavated drainage ditches as well as changed and replaced and enlarged culverts. Over 200 pumps are currently 100% operational with back-up generators, where necessary. (19 pump stations have been added or are currently under construction.) Concrete panels have been changed where necessary and we are currently building three lock systems along with many other projects. All of this has been done while maintaining a strong fiscal position. Our 2019 adopted budget is for $217 million and we have maintained our Standard and Poors rating of AA- and A+.  My administration and the council have developed and initiated total sweeping reform over Terrebonne Parish Recreation (TPR) as well as Recreation Districts 2-3 and 11.

I am honored to have served Terrebonne Parish as a Louisiana State Representative from 2004-2015, as Chairman of the House Natural Resources and Environment Committee as well as a member of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CRPA) and currently as Parish President since 2016. The positive results of my administration and this council are evident as we continue to move Terrebonne Parish forward! Terrebonne Parish is the Good Earth.

After twelve years, I am proud and excited to announce that Morganza Levee and floodgates from Pointe aux Chenes to Falgout Canal (Dularge) with nine new floodgates will complete the first phase, approximately 60 miles, with a GREAT LEVEL of HURRICANE PROTECTION! Great Job by the LEVEE BOARD! We are also under construction to tie the Terrebonne Morganza Levee System to the South Lafourche Levee System. This protection is approximately $400 million in State and Local funds for the Morganza to the Gulf System.


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