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Nicholls State University is excited to announce the public launch of Nicholls Forward, a new fundraising initiative aimed at ensuring the stability and success of Nicholls and its students, now and in the future.

“This is a pivotal moment for our campus,” said Dr. Jay Clune, Nicholls president. “I believe this campaign will help advance Nicholls’ position as a top-tier regional university that benefits communities not only in the Bayou Region but also in Louisiana.”

The year-long push has set a goal of $700,000, which will go toward sustaining campus facilities, campus beautification, faculty development and resources, student scholarships and emergency costs.

“This is going to be a challenging goal to reach, but with more than 40,000 living alumni and even more community support, I believe it’s one we can achieve,” said Jeremy Becker, executive director of the Nicholls Foundation. “This is exciting because it’s an ambitious campaign with ambitious goals that will benefit every member of this campus.”

Dr. Clune has embarked on a campus beautification initiative since taking office in January, having already targeted Ellender Memorial Library, Bollinger Memorial Student Union, Babbington Hall and the Nicholls Greenhouse as facilities in need of renovation or maintenance.

Despite declining or stagnant levels of state funding, Nicholls enrollment has grown each of the past three years and is poised to continue its growth to Dr. Clune’s goal of 10,000 students. Additional scholarships can help Nicholls recruit students who may not otherwise be able to afford the cost of higher education.

“Our students need access to modern facilities that will maximize their quality of life and enhance their academic potential,” Dr. Clune said. “By supporting Nicholls Forward, you are helping ensure that Nicholls continues to provide an education like no other at an affordable cost.”

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