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CFO/ Director of operations

1. What is the key to being successful in business?

It is important in any business to surround your self with people that are great at what they do. It is equally important for any supervisor to let them do what you hired them to do.

2. How much has the oil and gas industry changed from the time you started to now?

Wow, that was the summer of 1987. Obviously, so much has changed. Safety being the biggest change – I was fortunate to watch this industry become a global leader in safety.

3. Did you see yourself in the oil and gas industry and in this position as a child?

Never. While a large percentage of my family had some level of income directly affected by the oil and gas industry, my plans as a kid growing up with a father that was gone half my childhood was to never to be away as much as he was, but like my dad, I did what was necessary to support my family, so I ended up in the oil and gas industry, like most do in this area.

4. What advice would you give any aspiring businessman looking to start a company?

I go back to my first answer. Find people who are good at what they do and let them do it.

5. What is your greatest accomplishment as a businessman? P3 Global Personnel

6. What makes a good CFO/Director of Opertations?

One who listens to the support group that he/she has surrounded himself/herself with.

7. The local economy has had its ups and downs. What general advice can you give?

Never look back, but learn from the decisions you made in the past – the good ones and the bad ones.

8. If you could describe your company in one word, what word would you say? Dedicated

9. What are your future plans for your company?

Growth, while not compromising our core values.

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