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The worst news any oil and gas company can receive is that it has lost one of its greatest assets — an employee, especially if the loss occurred in an environment where proper safety measures could have prevented it.

Houma-based P3 Global Personnel, LLC works tirelessly to ensure its clients never receive that news. As a safety company having completed thousands of successful jobs, P3 has positioned itself as a leader in providing pressurized welding enclosures designed to mitigate hot work risks both onshore and offshore.

“Pressurized welding enclosures are a key part of risk management,” says Greg Cartolano, P3’s hot work technical director. “The enclosures give the operators the ability to perform hot work safely inside of a classified area without the need to shut in.”

Keeping an offshore platform operational while hot work is being performed can save an oil and gas supplier millions of dollars in profits daily that would otherwise be lost if production ceased.

P3 helps keep the oil — and profits — flowing with innovative, modular Safehouse habitats that are neither restricted by job size nor placement. Each habitat is inspected by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement according to a standardized checklist. With a cleared inspection, the operator is given a departure for policy Title 30 CFR 250.113 and authorized to complete the necessary hot work on the designated working platform.

“Without departure from the policy, the platform would have to shut in to do the same hot work,” Cartolano says. “If you have a large-producing platform, that could cost the operator millions of dollars per day. The industry today understands that safety is key and it’s in their best interest to utilize these systems.”

Each Safehouse habitat is built on-site for the task at hand.  A Safehouse habitat system detects lower explosive limit, or LEL, at 10 percent. In addition, sensors actively monitor levels for hydrogen sulfide, oxygen high and low, and carbon monoxide. If any of these gases is detected outside of the perimeter that is preset or set on-site, the hot work is controlled and shut down automatically.

P3’s advanced zone-monitoring system is capable of controlling diesel and electric welding machines, pneumatic and electrical equipment, as well as gas torches. This fail-safe system provides the most cost-effective engineering control measure available to manage and mitigate risks in some of the world’s most hazardous work environments, including oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Extensive planning is required before a Safehouse habitat can be installed. P3 works with its clients to schedule a walk-through of the job site and consults with engineers and HSE directors to develop a safe work plan. The time from planning to construction can take weeks to years, depending on the scope of the project.

“This is critical work,” Cartolano says. “P3 takes care to complete the risk assessments the proper way according to each project. There are inherent risks associated when you strike an arc in a potentially hazardous environment.”

P3’s cross-trained personnel remain on-site for the duration of the job. Each Safehouse-certified technician is trained in CPR, fire watch, gas detection and specialized safety skills. Once the hot work is complete, the technicians dismantle the habitat and begin work on the next job site.

Over the years, P3 has built thousands of pressurized welding enclosures on nearly every platform in the Gulf of Mexico. As industry safety regulations have become more stringent, the company has worked to stay ahead of the demands, always striving to provide the most experienced personnel and quality equipment to its customers.

“P3 consistently maintains the most experienced personnel and innovative equipment in the safety industry,” Cartolano says. “This emphasis on excellence is what allows us to bring an innovative global product here to the Gulf of Mexico in an effort to give our customers peace of mind that their employees are safe.”

Contact Greg Cartolano, 985.746.6910, for a consultation for your next hot work safety project. Please visit to learn more about P3 Global, the company’s Safehouse products and hot work technical solutions.


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