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The budget is tight at Nicholls, but donors from around the country pitched in to help the university out in its tough situation.

Nicholls hosted its Give-N-Day fundraiser on March 27 – a day designed to rally support for the university through online donations.

In total, 820 donors stepped up to pledge more than 1,100 total donations totaling more than $75,000 of much-needed funds for the university.

Donations were received from 26 states, including California, New Jersey, Florida and Hawaii. A donor also pledged from the United Kingdom.

In total, Colonel Catholics were the big winners in the day, collecting $6,460, but other organizations won big, as well, including the Nicholls Alumni Federation ($5,426), Nicholls’ College of Education ($4,395), Nicholls’ Bridge to Independence Program ($4,235) and the Nicholls Worth ($3,885).

“I’m ecstatic with the results of our first Give-N-Day. This was a success,” said Jeremy Becker, the executive director of the Nicholls Foundation. “We had tremendous student buy-in. They really enjoyed the process and their organizations are going to benefit. They’re already asking about next year.”

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