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This is not about all the improvements that have been done already. I express my sincere appreciation to Parish President Dove and the Parish Council for all the action they have undertaken over the last year to make improvements in the recreation system. There are really too many to list and the point of this article is not to list all the things that have been done, but to discuss a matter that has not been addressed by all those improvements - completing the Bayou Country Sports Park located between HWY 311 and Valhi Extension. My background and how I got involved in Rec 2/3 Governance My name is Michael Bergeron. I am Louisiana licensed Certified Public Accountant. I own and operate a CPA firm with offices in Houma and Thibodaux. In May of 2018, I was one of nine new appointees to Terrebonne Recreation District 2/3. We got started with new Rec 2/3 Board meetings in June 2018. In our first meeting, the long-time director announced his retirement in a letter to the Board. He was gone by July. We had numerous issues to tackle and no administrative support. Our Board had to quickly get up to speed on purchasing rules, employment

Even though the primary election is still many months away on Oct. 12, the Lafourche Parish Ballot is already shaping up with three candidates who have announced their intentions to challenge Incumbent Parish President Jimmy Cantrelle for his job. But Cantrelle, who will close an initial term as parish president this fall, said he is not bothered by the others, but is instead looking back on the things he says he’s accomplished in his first time and hoping that voters will let his record do the talking. “My record speaks for itself; for instance, since I took office, I have been able to bring $500 million in Coastal Protection and Restoration Funds to Lafourche Parish, over the past three years, while serving as a member of the CPRA Board (Coastal Protection Restoration Authority),” Cantrelle said. “Another example is the $7 million I saved the parish by rebuilding our pumps instead of replacing them with new ones.” Cantrelle said the parish has 81 pump stations, and when he took office about 50 percent of them were working. Now, about 80 percent of them are — an accomplishment that he said is one of his biggest since taking over as parish president. “Our drainage problems are

Like everyone else during the 1980s oilfield downturn, Louis “Booga” Klingman got hit hard, and his Montegut grocery store that supplied groceries to oilfield vessels really felt the pinch. Booga stayed up nights – literally – scouring the library’s Thomas Registry

It started with restorations of houses they would sell. Now Rod Roddy and Lisa Cinnater are offering what their experience and innate blend of artistic drive and structural ability bring to life, the potential to make anyone’s home a showpiece worthy

Terrebonne General Medical Center announced last week that Roxanne Hernandez is its Employee of the Month for February. Hernandez is an Emergency Department Secretary II – a role she’s enjoyed for the past three years, according to TGMC. Hospital officials say that

The donut shop that is a household word in the Bayou Region bears the name of a man. But long before equal opportunity for women was a “thing” the family business made use of all its members regardless of gender.

Rushing Media recently announced the retirement of one of their longest tenured employees, Harold Cancienne, at the end of March 2019. Cancienne has been in media sales his entire career, beginning with radio sales in 1978. In 1997, he joined the

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