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  A life-threatening injury or illness is cause for concern in any workplace. When the workplace is a hazardous oil platform in a remote onshore or offshore location miles from the nearest hospital, the concern for a worker’s health and safety is

MORRIS P. HERBERT INC. Although it has been around since 1980, the well-established, professional land surveying company Morris P. Hebert Inc. (MPH) continues to expand its reach, upgrade its facilities and acquire the latest technologies in the oil and gas industry.

The worst news any oil and gas company can receive is that it has lost one of its greatest assets — an employee, especially if the loss occurred in an environment where proper safety measures could have prevented it. Houma-based

WRITTEN IN PARTNERSHIP WITH P3 GLOBAL P3 Global Personnel is a new name in the oil and gas industry with a global influence dating back nearly 20 years. The Houma-based company started as Alford Services providing quality experts, knowledgeable personnel, various

WRITTEN IN PARTNERSHIP WITH BUCKHORN COMPANIES, LLC Starting as a small equipment rental company in 2012, Houma’s Buckhorn Companies LLC has grown to become a successful conglomerate whose services are used around the world.  “We started off as a rental company with

WRITTEN IN PARTNERSHIP WITH CENAC MARINE SERVICES Just after the turn of the 19th Century the name Cenac was already well-known in Terrebonne Parish for knowing what made boats tick.  The Cenac family had a fleet of oyster schooners, back then powered

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