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BANK OFFICIALS STRESS IMPORTANCE OF ONLINE ASSETS IN MAKING DECISIONS Despite hopes that the Bayou Region’s economy will soon improve, many households are still having a difficult time because of changes in income, hours or employment over the past few years. And

STARTING A BUSINESS REQUIRES HUSTLE, PASSION AND PATIENCE According to Business Insider, fifty percent of new small businesses fail within their first five years. For the entrepreneurs that make it beyond that time span, the path to running a successful business

“I think businesses just need to seek or consult with true employee benefits advisors. The business has changed so much that they should truly seek someone and get advice for someone who has been in the business a long time,

YOU'RE NEVER TOO OLD OR TOO YOUNG TO START PLANNING There are three phases to the average person’s life: childhood, adulthood and retirement. The three are cyclical. They’re all supposed to help prepare an individual for the next steps in the

Thibodaux native Steve Herbert made some mistakes when he was younger — errors he isn’t afraid to share now that he’s in his 40s and financially secure. He got caught up in credit card debt, had student loans he could

WE OFFER TIPS FOR WHEN TO AND NOT TO CALL IN SICK Houma native Chad Guidry woke up not feeling right, but he got himself out of bed and went to work anyway. By 10:40 a.m., that weird feeling turned into a

WITH ITS WELLNESS CENTER EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS & A NEW, BIGGER CANCER CENTER COMING, THE HOSPITAL IS RAISING THE BAR The beat just keeps drumming on and on for Thibodaux Regional Medical Center. Two years ago, its state-of-the-art Wellness Center opened its doors. At press-time,

On a map of the world, Houma will almost never be pinpointed. If it is, it will be just a speck of ink just to the southwest of New Orleans — a place that isn’t known to most of the

A SUCCESSFUL MOVE TO PRIVATE SECTOR HELPS THE GROUP TO CONTINUE TO GROW Although it recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, South Louisiana Medical Associates (SLMA) shows no signs of slowing down—expanding its reach while continuing its commitment to excellence and serving

Over the past 64 years, Terrebonne General Medical Center has grown to become one of the leading healthcare facilities in the state, while also receiving national recognition, through its expansion of its medical staff, application of innovative technologies, partnerships with

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