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Danos announced in November that Shell Exploration and Production Company, a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc, has awarded a contract to Danos for the coatings maintenance campaign for the Ursa tension leg platform (TLP). The project will employ 45 personnel and is expected to last approximately five months.

“I commend our coatings team for their excellent work ethic, delivery and reputation, all of which have led to this opportunity with Shell,” said Owner Mark Danos. “We have been partnering with Shell for nearly 50 years and are proud to once again perform work in the Gulf on one of their assets.”

The Ursa platform is located in the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 130 miles south-east of New Orleans, at a water depth of roughly 4,000 feet. Danos has previously performed coatings work on Ursa to fulfill former contracts.

This job marks the 40th coatings project for Danos thus far in 2018. In August, Danos was awarded a five-month contract to perform coatings maintenance for a new customer on an asset also located in the Gulf of Mexico, which is employing 12 personnel. Currently, Danos has 2,200 employees, with over 160 working in coatings.

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