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For as small as our community can sometimes feel, we are actually quite advanced when it comes to health care. No longer do you have to travel outside the region to receive cutting-edge care. In this issue, we highlight the recent achievements of local healthcare institutes including Terrebonne General Medical Center, Thibodaux Regional Medical Center, the Cardiovascular Institute of the South and South Louisiana Medical Associates. Terrebonne General Medical Center has added ten new doctors in the last few years, whose extensive specialties include pediatrics, plastic surgery, internal medicine, endocrinology and neurology, just to name a few. Five of the ten added physicians are also Houma natives, as Terrebonne General is proud to bring these physicians back home while also appreciating the other excellent physicians brought in from beyond the area. The hospital strives to offer enough services so their patients never have to travel to another location. Thibodaux Regional Medical Center continues to push the envelope as they expand. The Wellness center has changed lives, pushing people in the right direction when it comes to healthy choices. They are also proudly bringing to Thibodaux a new Cancer Center, slated to open in 2020. While the Cancer Center will offer the latest in technology, it is also focused on patient comfort. South Louisiana Medical Associates continues to expand their reach while continuing their commitment to excellence. Since SLMA made the move to the private sector, their clinics and specialties have grown immensely. Today they employ over 100 medical providers. SLMA has also created their own internal medical residency program, which saw its 10th class graduate this last year. Cardiovascular Institute of the South, which began in Houma in 1983, has expanded to 22 locations, to include 60 physicians and over 700 team members. CIS has received international recognition for their state-of-the-art cardiac and peripheral vascular care. They have also started to focus more on peripheral artery disease — an unknown ailment that affects one in 20 Americans over the age of 50. Finally, if you are anything like me, work always trumps a little bit of a sniffle. But at what point should we pay closer attention to our symptoms, stay away from the office and seek medical assistance? With the help of a medical professional, we give you a few pointers on when you should tough it out and when you should keep your germs to yourself at home. As I write this, we are


  A life-threatening injury or illness is cause for concern in any workplace. When the workplace is a hazardous oil platform in a remote onshore or offshore location miles from the nearest hospital, the concern for a worker’s health and safety is

MORRIS P. HERBERT INC. Although it has been around since 1980, the well-established, professional land surveying company Morris P. Hebert Inc. (MPH) continues to expand its reach, upgrade its facilities and acquire the latest technologies in the oil and gas industry.


WE OFFER TIPS FOR WHEN TO AND NOT TO CALL IN SICK Houma native Chad Guidry woke up not feeling right, but he got himself out of bed and went to work anyway. By 10:40 a.m., that weird feeling turned into a

WITH ITS WELLNESS CENTER EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS & A NEW, BIGGER CANCER CENTER COMING, THE HOSPITAL IS RAISING THE BAR The beat just keeps drumming on and on for Thibodaux Regional Medical Center. Two years ago, its state-of-the-art Wellness Center opened its doors. At press-time,

On a map of the world, Houma will almost never be pinpointed. If it is, it will be just a speck of ink just to the southwest of New Orleans — a place that isn’t known to most of the

A SUCCESSFUL MOVE TO PRIVATE SECTOR HELPS THE GROUP TO CONTINUE TO GROW Although it recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, South Louisiana Medical Associates (SLMA) shows no signs of slowing down—expanding its reach while continuing its commitment to excellence and serving

Over the past 64 years, Terrebonne General Medical Center has grown to become one of the leading healthcare facilities in the state, while also receiving national recognition, through its expansion of its medical staff, application of innovative technologies, partnerships with

IN PETSM PROGRAM AT NICHOLLS The Petroleum Engineering Technology and Safety Management (PETSM) program at Nicholls State University has been helping thousands of students in the Bayou Region as well as the entire state start or advance in the oil and

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