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It’s a pretty safe bet that if there is something that keeps a business owner awake at night, it’s a topic related to finance. It’s the driving factor of all of our decisions and leads to our success or failure. Finance relates to businesses in all sorts of ways, from the revenue we generate to the costs we incur to stay open. It affects our employees, even on topics such as benefits and retirement planning. Our stories this month feature contributions from respected industry experts to help guide you along in the world of finance. It is vital that employers provide insurance and benefits for their employees. This complex market can be costly if not navigated with a professional. Chris Lapeyre with Brown and Brown Insurance explains how employers can best provide coverages for their team. No matter your age, there is one big thing everyone should be planning for. Retirement. It’s never to early or too late to start considering your plans for retirement. Tommy Meyer of Meyer Financial group shares his thoughts on the planning process. Credit seems to always be a scary topic. Those offers for free credit cards always fill your mailbox. But be wary – your credit score is a number that you need to be constantly aware of. We offer a few tips for steps you can take to help repair your credit. Starting a business can be an exciting time. You have a dream, create a plan, and push it into reality. But how does one go from a dream to a profitable business? We sat down with local entrepreneur Al Hebert to get his take on how to start a successful business. Finally, no matter if you own your own business or work diligently at a minimum-wage job, everyone wants to learn more about how to actually save money. Jerry Ledet of Synergy Bank offers a few tips on ways to save and online courses that can offer guidance. Financial success can be hard to come by. But if you are steadfast, diligent and know the value of working harder and smarter, you will see the financial fruit of your labor a little sooner than later.


  A life-threatening injury or illness is cause for concern in any workplace. When the workplace is a hazardous oil platform in a remote onshore or offshore location miles from the nearest hospital, the concern for a worker’s health and safety is

MORRIS P. HERBERT INC. Although it has been around since 1980, the well-established, professional land surveying company Morris P. Hebert Inc. (MPH) continues to expand its reach, upgrade its facilities and acquire the latest technologies in the oil and gas industry.


BANK OFFICIALS STRESS IMPORTANCE OF ONLINE ASSETS IN MAKING DECISIONS Despite hopes that the Bayou Region’s economy will soon improve, many households are still having a difficult time because of changes in income, hours or employment over the past few years. And

STARTING A BUSINESS REQUIRES HUSTLE, PASSION AND PATIENCE According to Business Insider, fifty percent of new small businesses fail within their first five years. For the entrepreneurs that make it beyond that time span, the path to running a successful business

“I think businesses just need to seek or consult with true employee benefits advisors. The business has changed so much that they should truly seek someone and get advice for someone who has been in the business a long time,

YOU'RE NEVER TOO OLD OR TOO YOUNG TO START PLANNING There are three phases to the average person’s life: childhood, adulthood and retirement. The three are cyclical. They’re all supposed to help prepare an individual for the next steps in the

Thibodaux native Steve Herbert made some mistakes when he was younger — errors he isn’t afraid to share now that he’s in his 40s and financially secure. He got caught up in credit card debt, had student loans he could

WE OFFER TIPS FOR WHEN TO AND NOT TO CALL IN SICK Houma native Chad Guidry woke up not feeling right, but he got himself out of bed and went to work anyway. By 10:40 a.m., that weird feeling turned into a

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